So my tag partner Dante is now running a new deck, Buster Blader!  As such I asked him how he doesn’t brick, and he claims he’s come up with a semi-consistent build.  Now I find this difficult to believe so I’ve asked him to give me a quick run-down of his deck so I can see how it works.  Now as a quick disclaimer, this is an extremely budget build, so you won’t see any Pot of Desires or even Solemn Strikes here, though you will see everything Dante claims leads to a consistent deck!  Without further ado, let us begin!



3x Buster Blader

“I run them because they are the whole focus of the deck, if you don’t have three it won’t work whatsoever and you probably shouldn’t even be playing Yugioh!”

3x Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman

“They’re the searchers of the deck, searching for any Destruction Sword cards, including the spells and traps.  They also allow you to Special Summon a Buster Blader from your hand or graveyard which is also pretty nifty as it’s easy to make a Buster Dragon which helps your plays and let’s you summon another Buster Blader again.  Another great part about Buster Whelp is that you can discard a Destruction Sword card to Special this from the grave if you control a Buster Blader, once again leading into a Buster Dragon.  The restriction about having to choose an effect per turn is actually really irritating though, despite how this card is easily the main playmaker of the deck.”

3x Dragon Buster Destruction Sword

“I run this as it works as my own personal Domain card, ruining extra decks which helps with the overall lock down of the deck.  This is incredibly useful, locking out the majority of decks, however due to it becoming an equip card it can become relatively easy to remove.”

1x Buster Blader, The Destruction Swordmaster

“The main reason I run this card is because it counts as an additional Buster Blader which is always important in this deck.  It’s also really nice to get off its DNA surgery/Raigeki style effect, though it doesn’t happen all too often”

2x Kuribandit

“I run two Kuribandits because it allows you to add your essential spell/trap cards to your hand.  The remaining cards don’t matter so much, as all of your Buster Blader spells and traps other than Emblem has some form of secondary graveyard effect.  I also quite like the artwork as it reminds me of my cat a bit in that it’s really cute!”

1x Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning

“Kuribandit in your graveyard is just dead and you have a decent amount of Light monsters in the deck so I naturally threw in this card.  It just allows you to turn your dead cards into a power player.”


2x Emblem of the Dragon Destroyer

“It’s a searcher for your main combo piece from your Deck and Graveyard so you naturally have to run some.  Three can be cloggy as it doesn’t have a worthwhile secondary effect to me.”

2x Destruction Swordsman Fusion

“With cards like Whelp and Memories you can discard this to bring out your Buster Blader, and then add this back to your hand to fusion summon with it.  One of my preferred fusions in the game, and the fact it’s a quick spell can be great for disrupting your opponent”

3x Mystical Space Typhoon


2x Where Arf Thou?

“You have two targets in the deck for this card, and both are important in your deck for you as tuners.  The fact that they cost 2000lp though is a fairly steep cost if you don’t plan properly.  Three of this card will brick too much and with one you’ll never see this card enough so I like two.”

1x Upstart Goblin

“Best card, run seven”

1x One for One

“Instant Whelp to get an easy Buster Blader, especially if you discard a BB to pay the cost on this card.”

1x Foolish Burial

“It let’s me either set up a Buster Whelp or send a Swordmaster to the Graveyard to get your Buster Blader name faster.”

1x Book of Moon

“WEAK DISRUPTION!!!  I can’t afford anything else…”

1x Soul Charge

“Generic Rekindling, with the Foolish Burial and the amount of discard fodder you’ll be using plenty of monsters should be sent to th Graveyard.  This means that Soul Charge can easily set up a lock or bring back one that got removed earlier in the game.  Just consistent overall.”


3x Destruction Sword Memories

“Second best spell/trap in the deck, Destruction Sword Memories gets you your BBS quickly, and when in the Graveyard, this card can fusion summon your Boss monster.  This is one of the reasons why I run Kuribandit as having this in the graveyard is never a bad thing.”

1x Destruction Sword Flash

“It gives your fusion monster a decent amount of removal, but it primarily protects your BBs, in a deck lacking any good defense for your monsters.”

3x Call of the Haunted

“I run three because I like to utilise my graveyard in order to make my deck more consistent.  This can also lead to some nice OTKs if played correctly.”

3x Lost Wind

“Fantastic card that is useful against any deck the Special Summons.  Can also be activated on their summon and can be recycled to be used again.  Fantastic to deal with Zoo extra monsters such as Drident.”

1x Bottomless Trap Hole

“Because I don’t have Solemn Strike.”

1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

“Because I can’t afford Solemn Strike.”

1x Solemn Warning

“Kind of obligatory”

Extra Deck:

3x Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman

“It’s the main boss monster of the deck, and with Buster Dragon this card can reach incredible levels of attack.  It’s a major part of your lock by stopping your foes Dragons from activating, but sadly the inability to attack directly is a huge downside to this card.  All the same I run three as I cycle through games fast enough to make use of all of them all.”

2x Buster Dragon

“Makes your deck playable against any deck other than Dragons by making them Dragons.  Honestly a major part of your deck and essential to any lock down build.  I will run 3 when I finally get my third definitely!”

“Following these I like to tech in any level 8 Synchro monsters.  Sadly it’s difficult to consistently Xyz in this deck but I still run rank 7s like Red-Eyws Flare Metal for my Busters.”

“Back when I was a child, my favourite monster was Black Luster Soldier.  But due to how Buster Blader and Black Luster Soldier look I just think the deck and it’s story is really badass.  It also helps that this is the deck you (Index) gave me to get back into the game, and it was either this or Lunalights, so the  choice was clear overall.”





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