Hey there, and welcome to this little side project of mine, you can call me Index.  I was sitting here, procrastinating my exams when the thought occurred to me that I could delay my work even further by starting this blog.  I guarantee that I will forget all about this in a week, but until then this should be a good distraction.

Anyhow, as I said you can call me Index, and I mostly play Yu-Gi-Oh! which will probably be the main focus of this blog, as I have been playing for about 2-3 years now.  I picked up the game during my favourite format of Duelist Alliance, when it was possible for any form of summoning mechanic to top, and in my own opinion the plethora of powerful decks is what I found so appealing to me.  However I never did play the most powerful decks of any format because of my budget, the closest I got to highly competitive was Toadally Awesome HEROs, which was easily my favourite deck for a long time.  Overall the best that I have done is appear at three regional events, placing in 33rd, 35th and 37th each time, leading to a joke that I will never escape this part of the leaderboard but I guess I’ll see.

So that’s pretty much it about me, I hope to do all sorts of pieces regarding the game if I don’t get too bored, and I also hope that if you’re reading this you’ll enjoy reading those too.



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